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In a rapidly changing global marketplace, today’s achievements are tomorrow’s expectations. End customers demand the maximum in both machine throughput and quality, regardless of mechanical and design limitations.

Especially packaging machine builder are facing high expectations, limited resources and tight deadlines. Yaskawa makes the difference with a century of experiences, providing  rock-solid support and designing exceptional solutions to help customers worldwide overcome their daily challenges.


Scalable From Product to Solutions

Yaskawa brings solutions which easily balance market needs, machine performance and development effort for production machines.

With Yaskawa, You Are Not Alone

350 R&D engineers distributed all over Europe, close to our customers ensure a neat and quick support for our partners. We aim for a close collaboration with our customers wherever it is desired. This means you will always get the support you need whenever you wish for it.
With about a century of experience in different field of automation business we are ready to support you overcoming your challenges.

Our Support is Only Matched by Our Product Quality and Performance

Our industry leading products provide just the right power reserve to get the maximum out of your construction. 
Yaskawa Sigma-7 Servodrives help machine builders all over the world to significantly cut cycle times, rise output and provide machines that overfulfill the market expectations.
Our industry-leading, high-speed industrial Motoman robots include high-payload, extended-reach, ultra-maneuverable seven-axis and unique 15-axis dual-arm robots.
Just to name two examples from our big product lineup.

Our Support, Our Product, Your Solution

Whatever your machine design is targeting at, be it a 62 axes machine packaging line or a quick, compact labelling machine. Your construction together with our support and products will make a big impact for your customers.  Your systems work as expected, the first time and every time.

Packaging Robots Bring Flexibilty to any Machine

Yaskawa offers a wide range of robots for any task in the packaging industry from picking, packing and packaging to palletizing. Equipable with special food grade grease and available with IP67 rating, 4, 6, 7 and 15 axes robots.
More than 40 years experience in robotics and build in functions in our controller for handling and packaging applications, enables you to build high performance machines.


More than 40 Different Function Blocks and Templates are Available for your Machine.

Yaskawa solution fulfills national and international standards

The MotionWorks template enables structured programming of individual machines. This modular programming allows machine builder to save time in programming. This includes mode and phase management, ‘Overall Equipment Efficiency’- function block, ‘Fault Handling’ function block, etc.

Rotary knife function block

The rotary knife is a common application in the packaging industry where many products are packaged using a seal-and-cut technique. Yaskawa provides a ready to use function block.

Digital cam switch function block

The digital cam switch function block enables you to synchronize digital outputs with motion axis. This function is useful with glue applicators or other applications that turn output on and off linked on a motion axis.

Latch input

Wrapping machines, VFFS, HFFS are some of the machines used with film with print mark. The reliability of the cutting position is a key point.  Our function block associated with the accuracy of our Sigma-7 servomotors will be a useful toolbox for your machine.



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You could reduce … or even eliminate … the time spent optimizing your machine’s motion performance?

Your servo system could overcome the mechanical limitations of your design?

You had no worries about the reliability of your automation systems?

You had expert service everywhere your machines are located?


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